November 15, 2010

Back from the beach on Hamilton Island!

If you have time on your side I would recommend a week’s stay in an apartment where you have access to your own kitchenette , this way you can enjoy going out when you like and staying in on the days that have been action packed !

The variety of marine life to see is breathtaking… we took a trip out the great barrier reef during our 4 night stay up there and I can truly say it is an experiences of a life time if you choose to snorkel or scuba dive you have some great views of the reef. Nevertheless, if your less adventurous you even have the a trip out in a glass bottom boat. To name a few things we saw a baby reef shark, a little sting ray, sea cucumbers, thousands of fish or the likes of “Nemo” and all his friends, unbelievable corals and much much more. We went with H20 and they were really great.

Some of the Beacon team have just explored Hamilton Island, and this is what they have to say…..

If you would really like to get away and see some of the bluest of blue waters the Whitsunday islands is the place to go.

We took some amazing day and sunset cruises on sailboats and enjoyed seeing the island turtles swimming about. If you like activities the Island SPA is quite popular, though we spend all our time out on the boats so I can’t report back on the SPA first hand.

Food on the island is a mix or café style and fine dining, you can even enjoy room deliveries for the pizzas down at the marina. There is a fair bit of good seafood around. I do recommend a drink down at the stunning yacht club and dinner at manta ray café to try their calamari entrée (it was Devine). Islanders do recommend lunch at the golf course club house (which is on the neighbouring island) even if you’re not into playing golf as the views from Dench Island are magnificent.

It’s is a stunning place to visit and I would give it an absolute 10/10 for that however you do end up spending a fair bit on money on the island. As everything added up from the food to the buggies works our quite expensive.

We stayed at the Reef view hotel on Hamilton Island…look at some of the views from our room.

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