March 17, 2010

East African Encounters… Tell us about yours….

Massai WarriorsSo like most travellers to Kenya , our family also decided to go to the Masai Mara. If you haven’t been there you should definitely put it on your wish list.

It’s endless planes of beautiful land and the most amazing sunsets…. The perfect picture , the single Acacia tree in the orange backdrop of the sunset or sunrise…

The safari is the most exciting thing… We wake up before sunrise to go out…because it’s cooler at this time you are likely to see more animal about. We started the drive with the Zebras…..I’m not talking about 1, or 2 or 3, I’m talking about over a 100! Safaris as they are in East Africa are no where else….They are just blessed with numbers here… driving around for a few more minutes and there we see giraffes and buffalo, a little more into the drive and we encounter the Elephants…. The most adorable creatures are their little ones…. struggling to stand ever so playful learning to use their trunks and all the while being protected by their family.

But something that will definitely get you to stop and stare are the Kings of the Jungle! They sit there looking glorious, the lionesses surrounding the lion and his big main. They were 6 that we saw together. Our 1st time and 6! i can’t begin to tell you about our excitement. Sitting around a bush and doing their thing. They must have fed recently , because they didn’t look like they wanted to move anytime soon. We just sat there and enjoyed watching them for a while…

These are moment you can’t capture on a camera so don’t even try (unless of course you have a fabulous one with a big zoom)

March 9, 2010

Beacon Holidays India Brochure

Our India Brochure for 2010 is now released.... Let me tell you a little about the behind the scenes.

The Brochure is like a coffee table book. Unlike most travel brochures, it is not full of itineraries and prices. It's meant only to give you information and a feel for the destination.

Written by the famous Travel writers Jeroo and Gustasp Irani and images by Gustasp Irani it is turely a master piece. Also find among it's pages inspirations for culinary journey's with Food Writer Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal.

Order your copy and get a fantastic discount on your holiday.