February 3, 2010

Our Holiday to India

Dear Himanshi,

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip for us. The planning, booking and travelling was made so smooth and easy by all your hard work. We enjoyed all of the cities we visited and we deeply appreciated your suggestions for areas we did not know.

The 4 star hotels around India really allowed us to explore different styles as each hotel really represented the city in which it was located. We loved Jaipur and Goa. The different lifestyles of each city and state really helped bring India alive for us.

The mini food tour in Mumbai was also a great. It was a real chance to understand the food and the people. Rushi is so passionate about Indian regional food that it really is something unique and special.

Most of all we just want to thank you. From the moment we started talking about the trip to when we finally arrived back in Melbourne, you made everything as smooth and easy for us as possible. The India team were very professional, and the service was good in every city and every location. The personal guides and drivers allowed us to really get to know the Indian people and the local cultures in more depth.

With deepest regards and affection


Dr Marion Steel

Course Coordinator / Lecturer